News Date  :  28/09/2017
Eco King Leak Detection Capabilities

The new Eco King phone app has brought a whole new level of monitoring water consumption and wastage direct to your hands. Using the latest phone app technology and push notifications you can receive an alarm direct to your mobile phone without having to do anything.  No longer do you need to find a PC […]

News Date  :  13/11/2016
Eco King saves water

The Eco King remote meter reading device is designed for easy installation and remote monitoring of water consumption. Having all the water consumptio information at your fingertips means you can see where wastage is occuring and prevent it.  Additionally with the leak alarm system, Eco King will send you SMS or Email within 24 hours […]

News Date  :  03/06/2016
Blue Gold Technology, Dubai launches Eco King AMR in the UAE market

Blue Gold Technology the advanced water leak detection company based in Dubai UAE has launched the Eco King AMR device in the Middle East. Following successful trials of the equipment with various interested parties, the Eco King automatic meter reading system has been installed in Dubai UAE. The system is installed on residential water meter […]

News Date  :  18/05/2016
Launch of EcoKing

The EcoKing AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) and AMI (Advanced Meter Information) device was launched in December 2015.  Following extensive development and trials, the Eco King  device is now available for order from Dynosonic Ltd.  Jeremy Llewellyn, Managing Director of Dynosonic Limited says  ‘this is the first device that is suitable for a wide range of […]

News Date  :  20/04/2016
UK Smart Meter Roll Out

The UK has deferred a roll out of smart meters across the whole country while standards and specifications are being reviewed.  With the number of different meter manufacturers and types of meter available this is a daunting challenge. However the benefits of ‘Smart Metering’ are really quite simple Data is sent automatically to the Utility […]

News Date  :  20/04/2016
Eco King saves customers money on water leaks

The new advanced meter information (AMI) device by Dynosonic is saving customers large amounts of money and hassle by identifying water leaks when they start.   Water leaks inside a property are a major concern for the water utility and the householder. It often results in bill dispute and can cause major structural damage inside a […]

News Date  :  20/04/2016
Dynosonic Invites New Distributors

Dynosonic is inviting worldwide distributors for the sales of the Pro-Log advanced AMI/AMR system in territories across the world. The newly released Pro-Log unit is likely to sell in large quantities to water utilities and engery management companies around the globe. Distributors should have existing sales channels to the relevant market place and knowledge of […]

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