Having the Eco King AMI data sent directly to the server software allows for excellent analysis and access to data that would otherwise only be available once a month with normal meter reading.

The Dynosonic Data viewing centre is available via secure access web server. This provides an easy set up and use facility to get a quick start.

Alternatively there is an option for installing the software on your own IT server or via your SCADA system is also available. This provides the highest level of data privacy.

Data is sent from the water meter (or energy meter) daily giving readings every 15 minutes.

By allowing customers access to their metering information as a water utility you can:-

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Drive reductions in water consumption
  • Advise clients who are using excessive water
  • Notify Clients about potential water leaks occurring
  • Reduce customer complaints
  • Provide comparative information about other users in the same category
  • Hit your conservation targets
  • Transform your meter data into Smart Meter Data



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