Transform your meter into a Smart Meter with Eco King by Dynosonic

Eco King is the latest technology in remote meter information, providing high quality reliable data for utilities and remote meter reading requirements around the world.
The device is GSM/GPRS enabled with high battery life. Providing utility companies with the ideal solution for all their remote metering requirements without the necessity of complicated radio infrastructure and networks.

Many times AMI systems based on radio devices fail due to lack of coverage, poor installation or lack of locations for installing repeaters and data collectors. This old process is also very cumbersome to install.

The new Eco King device by Dynosonic  has unique features which  make it excellent for those companies requiring a rapid deployment of a new AMR / AMI system.

Key features of the product include :-

  • GPRS enabled. Sends data straight from the meter to the data centre.  This can be located in your IT centre or on our worldwide servers with secure access.
  • Simple and easy to install.
  • A Phone app  for customer energy/water  monitoring and saving is a unique feature of the system.
  • Open/Secure protocol also means you can integrate with SCADA or any other system already in operation.
  • The devices are meter neutral. So long as there is an output channel from the meter we can connect to it.  This means you are not tied to one meter manufacturer.
  • Battery life over 5 years and field replacable.
  • Resistant to high temperatures and water ingress IP68.

Option for Solar power version available upon request

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